I guess you can call Modern Coup Cases a spin-off of my original shop for bags, Modern Coup.

Modern Coup Cases is a collaboration between my husband, Christian and I. I must give him credit for the start of this shop though. I’ve been watching him fidget with these little keyboards for quite a while; changing the key caps on them, making them different colours and lighting them up. I wasn’t sure what he was doing and there are some things that I don’t even want to ask. He likes his vintage cameras, watches, keyboards and gadgets. I have a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. I don’t ask and he doesn’t have to tell me how much he spent, just as long as it comes out of his own gadget fund.

To make a long story longer, he wanted a case for his keyboard. Ok…I’ve had many custom requests before. His is not the strangest, but it was an interesting one. You want what???! *Ok, don’t ask, just make him one.* I made a first version for him and he thought it was great. I thought it was pretty good, but I wasn’t happy with the size, that it didn’t have a carry handle and some small details. I made him a second version and we were both really happy with it. He posted his new sleeve/carry case on Reddit’s Mech Market and he got a lot of enthusiasm and good feedback on it. People were asking if we sold them and that they would be interested in buying one. An initial group buy was held and we were blown away with how many people wanted one.

We’re starting off with keyboard cases and perhaps other specialty cases will come along.

Thanks for reading this short story. We hope you like our products.


-Christian (technical) and Cat (design)